The greatest art of our lives
is the way we perceive reality

What it MAKATU?
A new word in the dictionary and its meening -

It is also a production company that creates groundbreaking spaces for people to develop in.
The spaces include art, movement and music, and contain content in the field of shamanism, sexuality and  spirit.
The productions are manefested in the form of festivals, lunar and weekly meetings,
 workshops and azoteric celebrations.

The wonderer knows that all roads are one

You are invited to experience one of the spaces and
see what feels right in this stage of your journey.

MAKATU's creations:
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BeYond TLV


 an exclusive ceremony in a special space in Tel Aviv.
When the cacao medicine in our body  we will dance, enjoy the abundant space inside and outside.
LaniAkea is a cocoa ceremony that combines meditation, movement, healing, poetry and celebration into a simple and heart-opening experience.



An exciting journey from the individual to the colective.
ith the intention of deepening the connection between the body and music and its empowerment to the point of celebration. without any criticism or control.


3 days and 2 nights of traveling through dance and movement.
Time to dive , deepen and devote yourself to the truth ...

12-14 September



A Weekly Dance Temple.
A place for personal and group transformation that accepts you without judgment and with a full love.
 A workshop every Wednesday at Studio 'Tena' - Ein Shemer
nd soon every Tuesday in Haifa.

באנר קטן.jpg


Uniting under the full moon for a cocoa ceremony, ecstatic dancing, live music, sacred singing and connection to the heart.
Let us sit together for meditation, dance, feel and sail through the imagination.
Medicine Garden~~ 18-19/10



ISTA is the International School of the Temple Arts and sexualism .

The festival is open to anyone interested in a combination of sexuality and consciousness, of any gender or sexual orientation, new and old.

באנר איוונט סדנת נוב.jpg

Initiation Temple

A unique development workshop for people at the beginning of adult life 20-32 .
After the four amazing journeys we are happy to embark on another powerful journey!
4 days the will stay with you forever 20-23 /11/2019
Led by Makatu and Ella Merom

shambala just date.jpg


A colorful tribal gathering of
Spirit ~ Love ~ Healing ~ Dance & Celebration
 the SHAMBALA festival -
A tribal magical and colorful party
A space of playfulness, celebration, freedom, and love!



Celebrating independence day a little differently ...
Back to Heartbeat intends to take the culture of events in the country a few steps forward.
The festival is focused on music and art and is designed to enable you to have a beating heart and a safe and supportive space for an energetic journey that breaks through boundaries.
Excited to introduce

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