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Bonfire cooking in style

We have a new product!
The ultimate cooking tool for your next field trip!
The Taj is a campfire cooking tool that combines the structure of a Saj and the cooking possibilities of a BBQ grill in one unique product that upgrades any culinary experience while outdoors. so what is special about the Taj? - It's possible to prepare a whole meal on one tool - Easy to carry and maintain And with style (: Feel free to choose your favorite Taj model in the store. we have a variety of different models we designed for Taj.


Welcome to choose your favorite net from the variety of nets we have planned for grilling.

The taj that has a flat head at the top, a decorated mesh surface that allows grilling meat and vegetables and discounting additional cooking utensils. The grid surface also functions as a cooking stove on which you can place a long cooking pot or frying pan as well as a kettle for making coffee or tea.
In the lower part of the iron dome, we added a slight curvature in the outer rim to create a "stop" for the pitas baked on the sides of the dome, which will not slip into the fire as often happens ...
On top of that, the taj is raised with three legs, which allows you to add wood for burning, bring in air to intensify the heat and even bake under the dome of the taj just like an oven!