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What is Makatu?
A new word in our cosmic dictionary, and its meaning - empowerment


It is also a production company that creates breakthrough spaces for people to thrive in and find their unique light.
These spaces include art, movement, and music and contain content from the fields of shamanism, sexuality, and spirit.

  The productions can be met in the form of
festivals, lunar, and weekly events.
Beyond productions, Makatu guides and leads large and private groups to In-depth workshops and personal transformations.


The wanderer knows that all the ways are one.


Makatu Productions was established in 2016
and creates worlds of celebration and transformation.

We have been lucky enough to have gained the ability
to think of an idea and manifest it.

Makatu is run by an incredible team of people and souls
with diverse talents
and filled with deep love and passion for our work.

We are the first to dance on the dance floor,
attend the sessions,
& enjoy the party.



At our events, we inspire to empower people to bring forward their deepest most authentic selves and their gifts.

Whether a participant, musician, or volunteer,
we invite you to experiment,
to expand out of your comfort zone,
to allow for more personal and collective growth.

We hope to meet you in person soon,
The Makatu Creations Team

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